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The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss

A primary outcome of tooth loss is having gaps in your smile where teeth are missing. Additional negative side effects can also develop after tooth loss. For example, facial sagging can occur when there are not enough teeth to support the muscles of the face. One solution to tooth loss and its negative effects is dental implants. We provide dental implants at our office in Newport News, where Dr. Mark Artzer can help you decide if they are the right tooth loss solution for you.

Side Effects of Tooth Loss 

The negative side effects of tooth loss can extend beyond having missing teeth. Additional negative outcomes could include:

  • Diminished confidence
  • Gaps where teeth are missing
  • Excess strain on remaining teeth
  • Sagging or drooping of the face
  • Changes in the way you speak

Teeth provide support for the muscles in the face. When there is not enough support due to tooth loss, the cheeks and jawline can begin to droop or sag and cause a person to appear older. The teeth also guide placement of the tongue when speaking. Tooth loss can lead to altered speech as the tongue slips into the gaps where teeth are missing.

Tooth loss can also result in the remaining teeth enduring excess strain as they compensate for the missing teeth when performing biting and chewing functions. The excess strain can cause teeth to become worn down more quickly. In serious cases, those teeth can become too weak to continue carrying out everyday biting and chewing functions.

How Dental Implants Help 

Dental implants are a highly effective option for replacing missing teeth, as well as reversing many of the negative effects of tooth loss. Dental implants are placed directly in the jaw bone and permanently fuse with the bone over time, which enables implants to securely hold artificial teeth in place. Since dental implants are placed in bone, candidates must have enough bone to support placement of the implants. The skilled dentist at our office Newport News can determine if dental implants would work for you.

Dental implants can replace one tooth or many. A crown is placed on top of the implant when replacing just one tooth. If several teeth are being replaced, multiple dental implants will be needed and can be used in conjunction with bridgework or an implant-supported overdenture. In all cases, dental implants securely anchor replacement teeth in place without the need for dental adhesives.

If you are dealing with the negative effects of tooth loss, dental implants could be the right solution for you. To learn more about dental implants, contact our office in Newport News to schedule an appointment with Dr. Artzer by calling (757) 595-8405.

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