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Root Canal FAQs

Infected and inflamed teeth are a pain to deal with and must get treated as soon as possible. If your tooth pulp is dying, you will have to get root canal treatment in Newport News, VA. Your local dentist, Dr. Mark Artzer, provides professional root canal treatment while ensuring patients are comfortable.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals are necessary when a tooth is infected or diseased. It is an intensive procedure that can save your teeth by removing the diseased or dying pulp. This dying pulp is connected to the roots and nerves, so an infection in this area causes a great deal of pain. If your tooth cannot be saved, it will need to be removed. So when you have an infected tooth, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Newport News, VA for a root canal.

What Are Some FAQs about Root Canals?

Root canals are one of the most misunderstood dental procedures. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions for further insight.

Does a crown always mean a tooth had root canal treatment?

No, a tooth may have a crown placed for many reasons. Sometimes a tooth might be broken, and a crown is used to fix it. Some people also use crowns for aesthetic reasons. Years ago, replacing your natural teeth with crowns for aesthetic purposes was referred to as getting your teeth "capped".

When is a root canal necessary?

If your tooth is infected down to the nerves, badly cracked, badly broken, decayed down to the pulp, or has had repeated fillings, a root canal is often recommended.

Is a root canal painful?

Modern dentistry has made root canals just as comfortable as most routine dental procedures. When you get a root canal in Newport News, VA, we take extra care to make sure that your tooth is numb enough so that you won’t feel any pain.

Is there an alternative to root canals?

Once your tooth has become infected to the point where a root canal is needed, it will eventually fall out or need to be pulled if left untreated.

Dental patients that live in Newport News, VA, can get a root canal at the office of Dr. Artzer. Call us at (757) 595-8405 today, so we can immediately help you save an infected tooth.

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